Editor's memorial to the second edition:
“This second edition of “The New Covenant Scriptures” is in memory of the late George P. Estes who passed away July 10, 2001. This translation with the typographical corrections from the first edition is his long quest to bring the most accurate and faithful translation of the early manuscripts to us today without denominational interpretation. He did so with the prayerful fear and humility that he was treating God's Word with proper reverence and purity.”
- Irma H. Estes


George Estes took great care in preserving the original text - As it was Written!

He wrote:

“This translation was undertaken with the belief that Scripture was written by men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Scripture is God's word. It is from Him to man for man's salvation. One reason we know that Scripture is from God is its simple verse. So much is said with so few words.”

“There are no excessive words.”
“It has been the endeavor in the translation to preserve this characteristic and no extra words are added but those needed to clarify the meaning. God's word contains a timeless message. What it says is as authoritative in the twentieth century as it was in the first century. So no effort was made in the translation to modernize it. But careful consideration was given to the context in order that the words would be presented as written in the first century. So the history and the culture of the first century must form the background. This translation is not a paraphrase.”

Marginal Notes:
“There are no marginal notes stating that a certain verse or verses are not found in some of the oldest manuscripts. The text accepted for this translation is called the Majority Text or that text which was passed from generation to generation from the first century. God in His providence has given us His word.”

A further note to the Second Edition:
This new, second edition of The New Covenant Scriptures is an attempt to correct a number of typographical errors that found their way into the first print edition. This was undertaken as a labor of love by those of us who knew and respected George and his lifelong effort to share the Gospel with everyone he came into contact during his life. George passed away July 10, 2001. He loved God's word and the translation remains his. Any typographical errors that remain should now be charged to our account. To his memory, we dedicate this second edition.